nginx with rtmp module

install any updates that are available: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade This streaming server will use the very powerful and versatile Nginx web server, so you’ll need to install it: Then you’ll need to get the RTMP module so…

Spleeter by deezer

Spleeter is the Deezer source separation library with pretrained models written in Python and uses Tensorflow. It makes it easy to train source separation model (assuming you have a dataset of isolated sources), and provides already trained state of the art model for performing various flavour of separation :

Vocals (singing voice) / accompaniment separation (2 stems)
Vocals / drums / bass / other separation (4 stems)
Vocals / drums / bass / piano / other separation (5 stems)

2 stems and 4 stems models have high performances on the musdb dataset. Spleeter is also very fast as it can perform separation of audio files to 4 stems 100x faster than real-time when run on a GPU.


1 – Introduction au protocole SNMP Pour introduire le protocole SNMP, il faut se rappeler que l’informatique est de plus en plus présent dans notre vie de tous les jours. On compte désormais sur les services offerts par les réseaux pour…